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Robert Clift OLY

Mindset Coach

Sporting Achievements

Two time Olympian with Great Britain Hockey at Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992 Games
Olympic Gold Medalist, Seoul 1988
Team Captain Barcelona Olympics 1992
World Silver Medalist, London 1986
European Silver Medalist, Moscow 1987
National Player of the Year 1990/1


MSc Sport & Exercise Psychology 
NLP Master Practitioner
Diploma in Coaching - Accredited with Association for Coaching


07920 175912



A Bit About the Hub and Me

I’m not a sport psychologist. I’m a sportsman and a coach who loves helping young athletes get better, in their sport and beyond. I’m also a father of two sporting sons and the idea of The Mindset Hub grew from talking to them as they wrestled with their own sporting ambitions. They weren’t short of technical coaching or physical conditioning but support with the mental approach to performance was harder to find. 

The Mindset Hub is a social enterprise that aims to fill that gap. Mindset plays a vital part in how we perform and young athletes can benefit enormously from learning how to develop theirs, especially as become more independent and develop their own identities.

Our approach to this challenge is different. I was fortunate enough to be a member of the Great Britain Men’s Hockey Team that won a gold medal at the Seoul Olympics but have also suffered my fair share of disappointments and defeats. Most athletes need encouragement to ride the ups and inevitable downs. Instead, they are increasingly fed a diet of marginal gains, controlling the controllables and focusing on the process.

These are worthy concepts for sure but hardly inspirational. At The Mindset Hub we believe that the journey should be inspiring, and foster a love of sport with all that it brings. It’s not just a search for trophies and medals. We’re determined to help young athletes flourish both on and away from the field of play.

If you’re interested in joining us on the journey and exploring your potential get in touch and we’ll help you Find Your Way. 

Work Experience

2021 Onwards

2016 - 2021

1992 - 2016

1982 - 1992

Rob is determined to share his unique experience of playing and working in high pressure environments to help young athletes explore their potential. He has set up the Mindset Academy to help inspire any young athlete who wants to improve their game no matter their background. 

Fascinated by how the mind works under pressure, Rob immersed himself in the world of performance psychology completing a Masters degree and gaining a professional coaching accreditation. He specialised in working with young athletes across different sports and gained a detailed understanding of how to help them develop their mindset.

After captaining Great Britain at the Barcelona Olympics, Rob moved into senior leadership roles at HSBC and Barclays. He stayed involved in sport through coaching youth hockey teams sharing his leadership experience with fellow coaches and helping young players to explore their potential and grow a love for the game. 

Rob started playing hockey aged 13.  Despite early set-backs he went on to win 170 international caps between 1982-1992, winning Olympic Gold and World/European Silver Medals. Experiences from this long and distinguished playing career help Rob to empathise with aspiring athletes.


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